Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scooting into Fall

We celebrated my birthday with a cake that consisted of delicious pieces of pineapple. Delicious cake for breakfast. (Okay, this may sound strange but I was posing for the picture. I just think that it's funny when people get their picture taken when blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Your face is always distorted in funny shapes. You're not exactly concentrating on how your face looks, more on how to make sure you don't miss the cake.)

Ainsley was jealous and wanted a piece of pineapple cake too for breakfast. It was a great birthday.

Ainsley loves to help Aubrey get ready in the morning, a real fashion/beauty consultant. She thinks it's funny to sit in the sink in front of mommy, until she slides down and then demands to be sat back up again. She's developing some great skills of organizing.

One day when daddy didn't have school we took a morning trip to the local park and played on the playground. Ainsley was a little too scared of the slide; funny because she's never too scared to avoid crawling over the edge of the bed, head-first. (It's lucky that mom and dad have such fast reflexes.)

It was a fun morning at the park, a little cool but it's a nice change from the heat of a long summer. Fall is fun. (Falling is not.)

Ainsley loves the soccer ball that Grandpa Winter bought her at IKEA a while ago. She loves playing catch with someone; she's pretty good at it too.

Ainsley has officially started crawling, well at least we're going to count it as crawling. She army scoots around the house now. She's best at it when there's something she wants: daddy's cell phone, things to pull off the couch, toys, or chasing mommy around the house. Everything of a semi-questionable nature is inching up higher and higher.

Our funny little girl loves music and is quite interested in learning more about it. We borrowed a piano from our neighbors, the Robinson's so Aubrey could practice. Ainsley loves practicing too.

Funny girl. I just had to post this funny picture of our little primadonna, drama queen. She's walking around all the furniture as long as she has something firm to hold onto. She stoped one night to pose for a picture, angry that daddy was interupting her from making it to the other side of the couch.

Aunt Chelsea helped her play a piano at grandpa/grandma's barn. She was happy she discovered toys to play with...everyone else maybe not as glad she figured out it was a piano.

Last free Monday, when daddy didn't have school, we all piled into the car to visit the aquarium in Sandy. We met up with the Winters there and it was fun to see all the different fish. Ainsley loved looking at some, until she was tired or decided they were scary. Oh well, it was a fun trip and she loves animals.

We tried to get some good October pictures for Ainsley's first Halloween/fall. Here's what we got.

It was hard to get her to look at anything besides all the amazing dirt clods she wanted to play with and eventually taste. She likes the pumpkins so far, at least she likes to bop them with her hands. (Not as cool as a dog though.)

Cute girl. Scratched her face in the car, darn, on our way to take pictues. Oh well.

Now she's learned she doesn't need a couch or shelf to get around the house. Ainsley has started to use even the walls to help her get where she wants to go. Unfortunately it doesn't support her so well so she'll let us know when she needs to be rescued from the wall in the hallway.


Jared & Chelsea Bailey said...

Man! I just absolutely LOVE that little girl!! Such cute pictures!

Sarah Flib said...

Ainsley looks so serious in her pictures; what a funny girl. She's adorable! I'm glad you guys are doing well. And Aubrey, your hair looks awesome.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

hello!!! anyone home?